Acacia meets Toffee and Fringe

Another little glider, about half the size of Acacia appeared. “My name is Toffee and I’m a Sugar Glider. I am grey with a black stripe just like you, but I'm smaller and my tail isn’t as fluffy”.

“Are you the smallest of the gliders?” asked Acacia.

Toffee didn’t have time to answer before there was a small chittering sound beside her

“I’m the smallest!” it cried. “My name is Fringe and I’m a Feathertail Glider. Just look at my tail!”

“You look like a flying mouse” said Acacia, as Fringe pranced and sprang around, showing off her spectacular tail.

"We are all a bit different but we are all gliders" said Mellow. "We all have patagiums that we use to glide from tree to tree at night - just like you! We all live high up in trees and we are all carried in our mother's pouch when we are little joeys". 


Conceived and co-created by Abi Andrews and Renata Phelps  -- With support from many other wildlife defenders.
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