Then there was a rustling in the branches above and a very big shaggy creature appeared with two fluffy white ears and a VERY long, furry tail. 

Acacia meets Volans the Greater Glider

“Wow! Are you a glider too?” asked Acacia.

“I’m a Greater Glider and I’m the biggest of all the gliders. My name is Volans. Glad to meet you”.

“Do you visit this tree often to eat the sap?” asked Acacia.

“No, I don’t eat the same things as other gliders. I eat eucalypt leaves like a koala” replied Volans 

“We all live in hollows though” said Mellow.

“Except me” said Fringe. “I can live in even smaller places, like under loose bark”.


Conceived and co-created by Abi Andrews and Renata Phelps  -- With support from many other wildlife defenders.
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