Then a face appeared from around the side of the tree. This creature looked and sounded just like her! 

The Glider family meet - Abi Andrews

“Hello Acacia”, the first Glider said. “We have been waiting for you to come into the wild. We want you to join our family”.

Then another friendly, furry face appeared. “You are a Squirrel Glider, just like us” said the second Glider. “Look in my pouch. I have two little joeys. You once lived in a pouch and looked just like them”.

“We will take you to a special forest nearby” said the third Glider. “We will show you where the best flowers, honeydew and insects are. You can sleep with us in our tree-hollow homes”.


Conceived and co-created by Abi Andrews and Renata Phelps  -- With support from many other wildlife defenders.
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