The next day Acacia called a meeting of all the animals in the forest to tell them about the logging. Some of the animals were crying.

The meeting in the forest - Abi Andrews

Mellow was angry. “Humans have taken away the homes of so many animals. There are very few of my relatives surviving”.

Acacia knew how upset the animals were, but she also knew that they shouldn’t give up. “Lots of humans do care about us and don’t want our forest destroyed” she explained. “We have to work together with them to help stop the logging”.  

“There are some ecologists coming here tomorrow. They want to find out what animals and plants live here. We have to make sure they see us so they can tell other people that this is our home”.
And so they did. 


Conceived and co-created by Abi Andrews and Renata Phelps  -- With support from many other wildlife defenders.
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